Piastri Jokes About FIA Track Limits Following Qatar F1 Sprint Pole


Piastri Jokes About FIA Track Limits Following Qatar F1 Sprint Pole

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Oscar Piastri playfully suggested that he would grant the FIA some extra time to confirm his pole position in the Qatar Grand Prix sprint race, alluding to the ongoing Formula 1 track limits controversies that occurred during Saturday’s qualifying showdown.

The McLaren driver, who had the disappointment of learning about losing third place on the grid for Sunday’s race during a live television interview on Friday, expressed his desire to avoid any more disappointments due to potential delays in handing out penalties.

Speaking immediately after the session, in which he narrowly outperformed his teammate Lando Norris to secure a front-row lockout for McLaren in Saturday’s sprint race, Piastri humorously hinted at giving the FIA an extra five minutes to confirm his pole position.

he said. I might just give the FIA five minutes first to make sure I’m actually on pole! But as long as that’s okay, then very, very happy. It was a pretty good lap.

I saw Lando on the big screen made a mistake at the last corner, so I don’t know what his lap was looking like, but I’m very, very happy.”

The sprint race qualifying session was marred by a series of track limits penalties, with several drivers, including Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso, Charles Leclerc, and Sergio Perez, having their times disallowed.

Although McLaren ultimately secured a front-row lockout for Saturday’s sprint race, Piastri noted that the session had its challenges, particularly in the early stages when he felt things weren’t going his way.

I think I struggled quite a bit in the first two parts of that qualifying, but then got my act together a bit more for the last one,” he said.

Piastri Secures Pole Amid Tire Concerns and Track Limit Changes

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Oscar Piastri’s pole position followed an intriguing lead-up to track running, marked by concerns regarding potential tire problems for Sunday’s race.

To address the issues of drivers running wide, a new track limits layout was introduced at Turns 12-13, along with an extra 10-minute practice session. However, the painted kerb at these turns added an element of uncertainty.

When asked about the modifications, Piastri commented, ‘Yeah, it changes it a bit. I think also, because it’s a painted kerb, it’s impossible to know where it is. We can’t see it. So yeah, it makes things a bit more difficult. But obviously, it’s the same for everyone.





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