Marvel at McLaren's astonishing world-record-setting pit stop!


Marvel at McLaren’s astonishing world-record-setting pit stop!

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In the blink of an eye, history was made. On lap 27 of the Qatar Grand Prix this Sunday, the McLaren pit crew shattered the world record for an F1 pit stop, completing a full service on Lando Norris’s car in an astonishing 1.80 seconds. Yes, you read that right!

This incredible feat surpassed the previous benchmark set by the Red Bull team at the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix, where Max Verstappen’s car received attention in a comparatively leisurely 1.82 seconds.

Remarkably, this achievement was accomplished despite Pirelli’s tires growing larger and heavier since then, and the FIA implementing measures a couple of years back to ensure pit crews operated at a safer pace.

The lightning-fast turnaround paid off handsomely: Lando clinched a podium finish after starting the race in 10th position, while teammate Oscar Piastri outperformed even further, securing second place after commencing from sixth.

“This is a monumental day for the team, marking our 500th podium in Formula 1,” declared team principal Andrea Stella. “Both Lando and Oscar exhibited stellar performances in challenging conditions, claiming P2 and P3, adding to the triumph from the Sprint race yesterday.

“Managing the tyre limitations presented a fascinating challenge for the team, necessitating strategic adjustments and preparing for six stops. Yet, they executed it admirably, with the pit-stop crew achieving a record-setting stop of 1.8 seconds.

Ah, yes, those ‘tyre limitations.’ The race was shadowed by concerns that the tires might not endure the aggressive kerbs of the Lusail track, leading to a precautionary restriction of 18 laps per set. This explains the frenetic activity of the pit crews on Sunday.

It’s abundantly clear that practice makes perfect. Click here to witness the remarkable teamwork in action.

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