Lewis Hamilton and George Russell mend their relationship.

At the Qatar Grand Prix, tensions soared as Mercedes teammates Lewis Hamilton and George Russell came together to find common ground following a dramatic collision that cast a shadow over the race’s outset.

In a fateful turn of events, Hamilton’s race was thrown into turmoil mere moments after the green light, as he and Russell made contact while vying for position on the outer edge of the initial corner.

This regrettable incident led to the abrupt detachment of one of Hamilton’s wheels, sending him careening onto the gravel. Meanwhile, Russell’s front wing sustained damage, compelling him to make an unplanned pit stop at the close of the opening lap.

Credit By Photo: www.formula1.com

Initially, both drivers were swift to assign blame for the collision. Hamilton vented his frustration over the team radio, exclaiming, “I got taken out by my own team-mate.”

In contrast, Russell, visibly agitated, expressed, “Lost for words, honestly. Just seen the replays on the TV screen.”

However, as the dust settled, a different atmosphere permeated within the Mercedes team. Lewis Hamilton, acknowledging George Russell’s outstanding performance in clinching fourth place, chose to shoulder the responsibility for the incident.

Mercedes even posted a clip on social media capturing the inaugural post-race interaction between Hamilton and Russell. In the footage, Hamilton approaches Russell and extends an apology, saying, “Sorry about today, it wasn’t your fault. Great job.” The two drivers share a brief yet poignant embrace, exchanging pats on the shoulder. Russell concludes the exchange with a thumbs-up.

Reflecting on the incident, George Russell emphasized that the collision was unintentional, devoid of any ill intent. He elucidated, “The incident at turn one was absolutely not intentional from either myself or Lewis. Visibility is so difficult in these cars, especially during a race. There are significant blind spots, and we both hold a great deal of respect for one another. We will ensure we emerge from this experience even stronger.”

Addressing the press post-race, Lewis Hamilton expressed his remorse and assumed full accountability, stating, “I’m really sorry to my team. The opportunity was there to secure some valuable points. In the heat of the moment, I didn’t fully grasp what had transpired. I felt the tap from behind, but I don’t believe George had an escape route. It’s simply one of those deeply unfortunate circumstances.



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