J.J. Watt opines that Max Verstappen's overwhelming success has somewhat diminished the allure of watching F1.


J.J. Watt opines that Max Verstappen’s overwhelming success has somewhat diminished the allure of watching F1.

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Until his retirement in 2022, the defensive end stood as one of the most prolific players in NFL history, leading the league in sacks and tackles for loss multiple times, and earning the title of Defensive Player of the Year thrice – a feat achieved only by Lawrence Taylor in the 80s.

However, when it comes to the dominance of a particular individual in another sport, he holds somewhat mixed sentiments.

During a recent episode of The Pat McAfee Show, Watt discussed the current state of Formula 1 and whether he would attend the inaugural Vegas Grand Prix next month:

Darius Butler (former defensive back and recurring guest on the show): “Considering Max Verstappen’s three-time championship domination, are you still following F1? And do you plan on attending the Las Vegas race next month?” Watt: “Honestly, the level of dominance has somewhat reduced the excitement for me, I must admit. Yet, it’s worth noting that Mercedes held a similar stronghold for many years with Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time champion.

During the same appearance, J.J. Watt delved into the impactful contributions his younger brother T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith have brought to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2023.

The Steelers’ offensive challenges have been widely acknowledged since Kenny Pickett took over as the starting quarterback, with a propensity for interceptions, some of which have had game-altering consequences. However, the two aforementioned linebackers have played a pivotal role in keeping the team competitive.

Together, they’ve amassed ten sacks, forced four fumbles, and scored two defensive touchdowns, instrumental in triumphing over their divisional rivals in Cleveland and Baltimore, securing the AFC North lead.

Watt remarked:

“Consider where this team stands right now. We’re all aware of the offensive struggles. If it weren’t for T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith, what would their record look like this year? It would be an entirely different scenario, and these two are right at the forefront of it. As a former edge rusher and an older brother, it’s incredibly enjoyable to witness.



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