FIA Set to Examine Hamilton's Qatar F1 Track Crossing Incident.


FIA Set to Examine Hamilton’s Qatar F1 Track Crossing Incident.

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At the Losail circuit, Hamilton’s race came to an abrupt end after a collision with teammate George Russell in their battle for position off the starting line. While Russell’s car sustained minor damage and he continued, Hamilton found himself stranded in the gravel trap.

With a quick exit from his Mercedes, Hamilton crossed the live circuit in an attempt to reach the pits – a clear violation of regulations. He narrowly made it across before the lead pack returned.

In Qatar, Hamilton faced the stewards for an explanation. After an inquiry, he received his first reprimand of the season along with a 50,000 Euro fine, half of which was suspended for the rest of the season pending no further infractions.

A week later, the FIA has decided to reevaluate the incident, deeming it more severe than initially perceived. Their focus lies not solely on increasing Hamilton’s penalty, but on potentially imposing more significant consequences for crossing live tracks in general.

This inquiry serves both to establish a precedent for the future and to scrutinize Hamilton’s actions. An FIA spokesperson stated, ‘The FIA is re-examining the incident where Lewis Hamilton crossed a live track during the Qatar Grand Prix. The FIA acknowledges Lewis’s remorsefulness during the subsequent stewards’ hearing regarding the incident and recognizes the gravity of the crossing as a safety violation. However, given his influential role, the FIA is apprehensive about the potential impact his actions might have on younger drivers.

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The FIA’s decision to reevaluate the Qatar incident has gained prominence following a recent occurrence at the FIA’s World Karting Championship finals in Franciacorta, Italy.

British kart racer Joe Turney was ejected from the track while contending for the lead. He endeavored to rejoin by pushing his kart back onto the track but was struck by another competitor, resulting in leg injuries.

Although it is unlikely that Hamilton will face an escalated penalty for his actions, the anticipated outcome of the FIA’s review is to establish a more definitive penalty framework for the future.

When initially issuing the reprimand and fine to Hamilton, the FIA expressed confidence that they would serve as adequate deterrents in the future.

During the hearing, the stewards acknowledged the seven-time champion’s remorse for the incident.

“The driver of Car 44 demonstrated sincere remorse during the hearing and recognized the potential danger posed not only to himself but also to approaching drivers,” stated the FIA at the time.

“The stewards emphasized the fact that crossing a live track can lead to extremely perilous situations, underscoring the need for drivers to exercise utmost caution.


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