F1 | Wurz's Innovative Solution to Beat Scorching Heat: Cooling Seats on Every Race Car


F1 | Wurz’s Innovative Solution to Beat Scorching Heat: Cooling Seats on Every Race Car

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President of GPDA Acknowledges Cooling Seats as Viable Solution in Sweltering Heat Challenge” Scorching heat posed a major challenge for drivers at the Qatar Grand Prix, the 17th race of the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship held over the weekend. Extreme conditions left many racers in Losail exhausted, with Logan Sargeant even retiring before the race’s conclusion.

This situation has triggered contemplation, with the FIA itself looking into solutions to prevent a recurrence of such heat-related issues. According to GPDA President Alexander Wurz, one potential remedy is the installation of cooling seats in the driver’s cabins.

Wurz explained, “There are various factors contributing to this that need to be understood. My initial thoughts go to the lessons learned from other racing categories that have minimized heat as a limiting factor for drivers. Cooling seats, for instance, work very effectively and are not overly challenging to manufacture and install. This is something every team should consider.”

Continuing his thoughts, Wurz added, “Improved insulation and/or cooling for the very hot electrical boxes, often located near the driver’s seat, or possibly rerouting hot hydraulic lines in the future to prevent overheating around the seat. The entire set of rules covers testing and boundaries for many parts of the car. Since the driver is a key performance element in this equation, it might be time to consider defining the heat limits to which they are exposed.




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