F1 | Villeneuve concentra sguardo su Verstappen e Sainz: sue dichiarazioni


F1 | Villeneuve concentra sguardo su Verstappen e Sainz: sue dichiarazioni

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Jacques Villeneuve, the former Formula 1 world champion, is renowned for his fearless expression of opinions. In a recent interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, he shared his insights on the current F1 landscape, shining a spotlight on particular drivers and underscoring the significance of granting young talents the freedom they need.

Verstappen: Red Bull’s True Talent: While many regard Red Bull as one of the championship’s powerhouses, Villeneuve offers a unique perspective. He remarked, “It’s not that Red Bull is invincible, but rather Verstappen showcasing extraordinary form,” emphasizing the remarkable skills of the young Dutch driver.

Commendations for Sainz and Critique of Driver Safety: In addition to Verstappen, another driver has captivated Villeneuve’s attention – Carlos Sainz. “Sainz has consistently shown growth and consistently added value to the teams he has collaborated with,” he exclaimed with admiration. Nevertheless, Villeneuve didn’t hesitate to voice his concerns about the excessive protection of drivers in today’s F1 landscape. “Today’s drivers are enveloped in a cocoon. They should have more freedom, even the freedom to make mistakes,” he stressed, suggesting that real growth and learning only come through errors.

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