F1 Titan Blasts Ricciardo with Ruthless 'Grinning' Accusation

Former 1997 Formula 1 champion, Jacques Villeneuve, Takes a Swipe at Daniel Ricciardo, Accusing Him of Being in the Sport Just to ‘Beam in Advertisements’.

Following Nyck de Vries’ mid-season exit, Ricciardo made a comeback to F1 after a short break post his departure from McLaren.

Now with AlphaTauri, the Honey Badger is determined to showcase his prowess, harboring aspirations of partnering with Max Verstappen at Red Bull in 2025.

Beyond the track, Ricciardo is rarely spotted without a radiant smile. The infectious enthusiasm of the 34-year-old has endeared him to fans, making him one of the grid’s most beloved figures. However, Villeneuve contends that Ricciardo may not be as skilled a driver as some of his competitors, attributing it to his seemingly carefree demeanor.

Credit By Photo:www.gpfans.com

Villeneuve Criticizes Ricciardo “I find Carlos Sainz’s performance fascinating. I hold Fernando Alonso in high regard because of his hunger, he shared with Gazzetta dello Sport. “That’s the distinction a remarkable driver brings.

For the aspiring young drivers of today, I would pose this question – do you aspire to race out of pure passion, or is it more about emulating Daniel Ricciardo and his cheerful presence in commercials?

Credit By Photo:www.gpfans.com

He continued, ‘Max Verstappen is invincible. You can’t argue that Red Bull is invulnerable, but Verstappen himself is the unstoppable force.

‘His resilience stems from the fact that he never had a typical childhood. He shouldered adult responsibilities from an early age and was forged into a champion by a strict father. This translates to Max lacking any evident vulnerabilities.’

Despite his hiatus due to injury since the Dutch Grand Prix, Ricciardo has affirmed his readiness to make a comeback at the forthcoming United States Grand Prix next weekend



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