Aston Martin urges Formula 1 to grasp this 'golden opportunity


Aston Martin urges Formula 1 to grasp this ‘golden opportunity

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The team is of the opinion that this alteration in technical regulations has the potential to significantly reduce costs for the grid. Aston Martin is advocating for Formula 1 to capitalize on a “golden opportunity” by standardizing gearbox components to achieve cost reductions.

Previously known as Force India, the team manufactured its own gearboxes in 2008 but transitioned to becoming a McLaren customer in 2009 to cut expenses. Subsequently, it switched to Mercedes as part of its engine agreement. However, this longstanding arrangement will conclude as Aston is set to partner with Honda in 2026 under the revised engine regulations.

Preparations have already begun for a dedicated transmission department in anticipation of the 2026 changes. Engineering Director Luca Furbatto believes that a shift towards more standardized parts would be advantageous for all competitors.

“We’re advocating for a standardized gearbox because it aligns with financial considerations in a cost-capped environment, although we are encountering strong opposition,” he remarked in an interview on the Aston Martin F1 website. “In all likelihood, it won’t be implemented in the near future. It’s conceivable that the FIA may reach a compromise, with the design becoming somewhat more standardized, lighter, and streamlined.”

Regarding the previous consideration of standardized gearboxes in the 2019 season, the FIA ultimately decided against it, deeming that a single supplier would yield little benefit after examining both technical and financial data. However, Furbatto contends that the funds could be redirected towards other resources, potentially enhancing the on-track experience for fans.

“I suspect that in a few years, we may reflect on this as a missed opportunity to reduce transmission-related costs,” he elucidated. “This is an aspect hidden from the fans, as the technology is consistent across all teams and contributes minimally to performance. The funds saved from transmissions could be redirected towards aero development, which is presently the primary means to condense the grid and enhance the spectacle.


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