Alpine Acknowledges Communication Gap in Wake of F1 Team Orders Controversy


Alpine Acknowledges Communication Gap in Wake of F1 Team Orders Controversy

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Alpine Acknowledges Communication Issues Following F1 Japanese Grand Prix Team Orders Controversy”

Alpine has admitted the need for improved communication with its drivers in the wake of the team orders dispute that unfolded during the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix.

Pierre Gasly expressed his frustration after the Suzuka race when he was instructed on the final lap to slow down and allow his teammate, Esteban Ocon, to overtake him and secure ninth place.

The team had made this request as part of a strategy to see if Gasly could catch up to Fernando Alonso, who was ahead of them on the track after a driver swap.

Gasly was displeased with the late order and believed it was unnecessary, as there had been no prior communication about this plan.

Interim team principal Bruno Famin conducted a thorough review of the incident and acknowledged that the team could have done a better job in clarifying the situation to Gasly.

Nevertheless, Famin defended the decisions made on that day, emphasizing the team’s primary goal of maximizing points in every race.

Our priority is to score as many points as possible in each race weekend,” Famin stated before the Qatar Grand Prix. “We saw an opportunity for Pierre, with fresher tires, to compete for eighth place. Our communication with him may not have been optimal, and we will ensure it improves in the future. Both drivers are motivated to achieve success and contribute to the team’s overall result, which makes me happy.

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Gasly adopted a more philosophical approach after discussing the events with the team, recognizing the importance of maximizing the team’s performance in any given weekend.

“Emotions can sometimes run high, and as a driver, I strive for the best possible results,” Gasly commented. “I was definitely frustrated initially, but as a team, we discussed the strategy and execution. The most crucial aspect is maximizing the team’s overall performance each weekend.”

Alpine faced a challenging situation in Japan due to low grid positions for both Gasly and Ocon, who were eliminated in Q2.

The team believes that improving its single-lap pace is essential to capitalize on the strong potential of its A523 car.

Gasly emphasized the need to work on single-lap performance to secure better starting positions and increase their chances on race Sundays.

Famin added, “We managed to recover from both cars exiting Q2 on Saturday and secured double points. Esteban faced challenges due to starting in the middle of the grid. We must aim to have both cars in Q3 for better grid positions and to avoid such incidents.


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