After F1's Audience Decline by 650,000, Esteemed F1 Champion Holds Sergio Perez Responsible.


After F1’s Audience Decline by 650,000, Esteemed F1 Champion Holds Sergio Perez Responsible.

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Red Bull and Max Verstappen’s Recent F1 Dominance Leads to a Reported Loss of 650,000 Fans Globally

Recent reports indicate that F1 has experienced a decline of approximately 650,000 fans both in the United States and internationally, coinciding with Red Bull and Max Verstappen’s current supremacy in the sport. Former F1 champion Nico Rosberg, according to F1 Maximal, contends that Sergio Perez bears responsibility for this downturn, attributing it to a perceived lack of excitement in the season.

The years 2022 and 2023 witnessed a remarkable display of dominance by Red Bull and Verstappen. Following their impressive performance last year, where they secured victory in 17 out of 22 races, this season commenced with a series of 15 consecutive wins, commencing with the 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and culminating at the 2023 Italian Grand Prix.

In 2022, Verstappen secured an impressive 15 wins and is on the verge of matching that feat in 2023. He also clinched ten consecutive race victories, shattering Sebastian Vettel’s long-standing 2013 record. Unfortunately, this unprecedented success led to fan fatigue, as they grew weary of witnessing the same driver and team consistently atop the podium, ultimately resulting in a decline of interest. Rosberg, however, places the blame squarely on Perez.

What prompted Nico Rosberg to hold Sergio Perez responsible?

Both Verstappen and Perez command the formidable RB-19. While the Dutch ace dominated the competition, his Mexican teammate fell short. Perez, formerly of Force India, secured only two wins compared to Verstappen’s impressive 14 thus far.

This lopsided performance left fans witnessing a one-sided supremacy by the 26-year-old. Perez’s limited resistance to Verstappen contributed to races becoming less thrilling. As a result, Rosberg contends that Perez bears the responsibility for a significant number of viewers disengaging from F1.

Moreover, fans also hold the Guadalajara-born driver accountable for this decline. Addressing the issue, Rosberg expressed to Sky Sports, as reported by F1 Maximal, ‘Formula 1 fans were looking to him for a bit of excitement. He let the fans down in a sense because he made it too easy for Verstappen.’

Is Red Bull Considering Replacing Perez?

Currently, Red Bull has issued an ultimatum to Sergio Perez. The team has stated that if he fails to maintain his position at P2 by the end of the season, they will not retain him alongside Max Verstappen for 2024.

Despite their numerous constructors’ and driver’s titles, Red Bull has never achieved a 1-2 finish in the championship in their history. Following their narrow loss to Charles Leclerc in 2022, the Milton-Keynes based team is determined not to repeat this setback.

In the event that Perez does not secure his position, Red Bull has several options to consider. Daniel Ricciardo is the leading candidate to fill the spot. However, the names of AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda and Liam Lawson have also surfaced as potential contenders at times.


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