Watch Liam Harrison Demonstrate a Complex Combo to Break Through an Opponent's Strong Guard



Watch Liam Harrison Demonstrate a Complex Combo to Break Through an Opponent’s Strong Guard

Liam Harrison, a renowned Muay Thai fighter from Britain, may appear as a relentless brawler, but beneath the surface lies a strategic genius who surpasses his peers. Harrison’s extensive experience, dating back to the 90s, makes him a master of the game.

Among his arsenal of tactical expertise, Harrison excels in subtle setups and feints that even seasoned strikers overlook. In a recent online instructional video, he unveiled his method for dismantling an opponent’s tight guard.

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In Muay Thai, precision is paramount, and Harrison’s keen eye for micro-moments and minute errors is unmatched. In his instructional, ‘The Hitman’ showcases a flawless setup to disorient his opponent, employing a smokes-and-mirrors approach to land a deceptive strike.

Currently in the process of recovering from extensive knee surgery last year, Liam Harrison faced a setback in his title quest against former ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world champion Nong-O Hama at ONE on Prime Video 1. A devastating leg kick inflicted a severe knee injury on him, leading to his incapacitation.

Over a year since the injury and subsequent surgery, Harrison has made significant progress in his rehabilitation. He is nearly ready to reenter the fight camp, and fans eagerly anticipate ‘The Hitman’s’ long-awaited return to the Circle.”


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