Tyson Fury Reveals Tommy's Extravagant Earnings: $5M Mansion, G-Wagon, Lambos, Rolexes from KSI Fight



Tyson Fury Reveals Tommy’s Extravagant Earnings: $5M Mansion, G-Wagon, Lambos, Rolexes from KSI Fight

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In the headline bout of Misfits X DAZN: The Prime Card in Manchester, Tommy Fury, known as ‘TNT,’ secured a contentious victory over KSI through a majority decision. The judges’ verdict was mixed, with one calling it a draw at 57-57, while the other two leaned toward Fury with scores of 57-56. KSI was displeased, branding it a ‘robbery’ after the fight.

Despite the controversial outcome, the substantial earnings Tommy Fury raked in were expected, and Tyson Fury, ‘The Gypsy King,’ has now confirmed the figures.

In a recent interview on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Tyson Fury shared his thoughts on his younger brother’s financial success:

“Tommy made $10 million in this fight. At 24 years old, he’s earned around $25-26 million throughout his 10-fight career. It’s incredible, and I’m incredibly proud of how far he’s come. In 2018, Tommy couldn’t even afford a bus pass with $10. Today, he’s a millionaire.”

Tyson Fury added:

“I’m very proud of him; he can now buy anything he desires, from a $5 million mansion to G-Wagons, Lamborghinis, and Rolexes, regardless of his fights.”

Watch Tyson Fury’s comments below to learn more about his brother’s impressive financial success.



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