Stephen Loman's Resilience: Taking Loss to John Lineker Like a True Fighter



Stephen Loman’s Resilience: Taking Loss to John Lineker Like a True Fighter

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Stephen Loman, the second-ranked ONE bantamweight contender, recently faced a disheartening defeat against John Lineker at ONE Fight Night 14. Previously on a 3-0 winning streak with aspirations of challenging the division’s champion, Fabricio Andrade, Loman’s world title hopes now seem dimmed due to his unanimous decision loss to Lineker, the former bantamweight champion.

In an interview with The MMA Superfan, the Filipino fighter candidly admitted his lackluster performance and accepted full responsibility for his underwhelming display. Despite the loss, he pledged to use it as a source of motivation to enhance his skills and knowledge, saying, ‘A loss is a loss. I’ll take it as a man.’

Loman’s initial success in the bout, where he secured a takedown against Lineker, soon gave way to Lineker’s powerful counterattacks in a stand-up battle. Fearing Lineker’s knockout ability, Loman became hesitant to exchange blows, and his takedown attempts became more predictable as the fight progressed, ultimately leading to his outclassing over 15 minutes.

However, Loman has chosen to view this setback as an opportunity for growth, recognizing the weaknesses in his game. He is determined to work hard and evolve into a more complete fighter in his pursuit of ONE gold.

For those interested, the replay of ONE Fight Night 14 is available on demand for Amazon Prime Video subscribers in North America.


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