Scott Coker Reflects on Bellator 300: Company Faces Uncertainty and Unknowns Ahead



Scott Coker Reflects on Bellator 300: Company Faces Uncertainty and Unknowns Ahead

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In San Diego, Bellator President Scott Coker addressed the considerable uncertainty surrounding the organization. Rumors have circulated about Viacom, the owner of Bellator and Showtime Boxing, possibly exiting the combat sports arena, leaving both promotions in a state of flux. Coker had previously mentioned discussions about merging Bellator with PFL but had largely kept quiet on the matter until the recent Bellator 300 post-event press conference.

Coker acknowledged the ongoing speculation and emphasized that any potential deal would take time to materialize. Drawing from his experience with Strikeforce, which was purchased by the UFC in 2011, Coker noted the difference in ownership structure, as he doesn’t own Bellator; it’s Viacom’s property. Therefore, he lacks control over its sale or merger.

Coker refrained from commenting on whether his contract contains clauses that might affect his involvement in promoting fights. Instead, he highlighted the growth of homegrown talent within Bellator, sparking debates about the prowess of certain champions and ex-champions compared to their UFC counterparts.

Furthermore, Coker emphasized Bellator’s success in drawing large crowds to arenas outside of the UFC, citing events in Paris, Ireland, and Chicago as examples. Despite external opinions, including those of UFC President Dana White, Coker remains focused on the growth and continuity of Bellator as a prominent force in the MMA landscape.

While the future of Bellator remains uncertain, Coker remains optimistic about the organization’s prospects, highlighting its unique position as a clear number two in the industry. He is undeterred by negative comments from other promoters and maintains his commitment to advancing Bellator’s growth and success.


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