Late-Night Feud: Conor McGregor and Canelo Alvarez Spar with Insults - 'Raw Chicken'



Late-Night Feud: McGregor and Canelo’s Fiery Exchange – ‘You Uncooked Chicken!

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Two colossal stars in combat sports, Conor McGregor and Canelo Alvarez, have reignited their heated rivalry. Both are adored by fans and have reached the pinnacle of their respective disciplines. After both fought Floyd Mayweather and sparked a debate about their performances, tensions escalated.

McGregor, in response to a Mayweather highlight video, praised Mayweather’s performance, argued he fared better against “Money,” and expressed interest in a rematch.

He stated, “One of my best professional boxing performances. I landed more punches on Floyd than Canelo. I’d love a rematch.”

Alvarez swiftly joined the fray, asserting, “I could handle you with one hand and fewer punches.”

McGregor, never one to back down, steered the conversation toward mixed martial arts, highlighting how he could dismantle the boxer using various kicks and his classic trash-talking style.

He taunted, “Saul, you’re like an uncooked chicken. I’ll dismantle your knee joint with kicks. I don’t need my hands to finish you; I’ll leave you battered. I’ll see you, and we’ll find out. Canelo is nothing but an easy opponent.”

As of now, Canelo has the final word, focusing on McGregor’s history of tapping out in fights and questioning his commitment when the going gets tough.

“You talk a big game, but you always quit when it matters. Hahahahahahaha.”

The intriguing twist is that Alvarez seems more open than ever to the idea of facing McGregor in a boxing match or potentially taking on other crossover opponents, signaling a possible mega fight in the future.


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