Jonathan Di Bella: MMA Legend GSP's Protective Bond with Fighters



Jonathan Di Bella: MMA Legend GSP’s Protective Bond with Fighters

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Jonathan Di Bella, the reigning ONE strawweight kickboxing world champion, attributes his fighting spirit to his family’s influence. However, he also acknowledges the significant role played by MMA legend Georges St-Pierre (GSP) in his career. In an interview with Karyn Bryant, Di Bella revealed that GSP acts as a close mentor to him.

Di Bella expressed how GSP regularly keeps tabs on his career and provides valuable advice before his fights. As he prepares to defend his title against Danial Williams at ONE Fight Night 15, Di Bella emphasized GSP’s support and guidance.

Regarding the pressure associated with kickboxing, Di Bella pointed out that while there is some pressure, it differs from MMA. He highlighted GSP’s legendary status in MMA and how he cares for fellow fighters, consistently sending messages of support and excitement for their endeavors, including ONE Fight Night 15.

Di Bella also mentioned that this isn’t the first time he has spoken about his connection with the former UFC welterweight and middleweight world champion. GSP publicly expressed his pride in Di Bella after the latter secured the ONE strawweight kickboxing world title in October 2022, sharing his support on social media.

ONE Fight Night 15 marks ONE Championship’s 10th Amazon card of the year and will be available for free streaming on Prime Video in North America.


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