Islam Makhachev Speaks Out: Jon Jones' Pound-for-Pound Dominance Leaves Me Puzzled



Islam Makhachev Speaks Out: Jon Jones’ Pound-for-Pound Dominance Leaves Me Puzzled

Islam Makhachev recently shared his thoughts on Jon Jones maintaining the UFC’s pound-for-pound throne, despite his 2-0 victory over featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski in under nine months.

Previously, Volkanovski held the No. 2 spot in the UFC P4P rankings, with Makhachev in third place. Interestingly, Volkanovski retained his position even after losing to Makhachev at UFC 284 in February. Their rematch at UFC 294 ended with Makhachev’s emphatic first-round knockout win.

Following this remarkable win, many believed Makhachev had earned the top spot in the UFC P4P rankings. However, the updated rankings only pushed him to second place, replacing Volkanovski, while the Australian fighter dropped to third.

Makhachev recently broke his silence on this matter, expressing his confusion about the rankings in a video shared by @RedCorner_MMA and Nina-Marie Daniele on X. He stated, “I have already said at the press conference, who makes these rankings, what they do it for, I have no clue. I beat the P4P king, and they didn’t put me at No. 1. So now, I’m not surprised they did it this way again. Maybe that’s because he [Jon Jones] is fighting soon, and they want to promote his fight. I don’t understand what else I should do to get the No. 1 spot other than beat the one who was No. 1.


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