Fabricio Andrade: Martial Arts Shaped Me, Offering an Opportunity for Self-Improvement



Fabricio Andrade: Martial Arts Shaped Me, Offering an Opportunity for Self-Improvement

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A decade ago, Fabricio Andrade’s life lacked direction until martial arts ignited his passion, offering boundless possibilities. In preparation for his ONE bantamweight kickboxing world title showdown with Jonathan Haggerty, Andrade graced The MMA Superfan’s YouTube channel with an exclusive interview, reminiscing about his remarkable professional journey.

As the reigning ONE bantamweight MMA world champion, Andrade acknowledges that martial arts unveiled unforeseen opportunities:

For ‘Wonder Boy,’ martial arts means everything. He’s devoted himself to it since the age of 13, and it has been a guiding light that transformed his life. To this day, it continues to provide opportunities he couldn’t have imagined.

Andrade is deeply appreciative of the success bestowed upon him by the sport he loves, asserting:

“Martial arts defines me; it’s my identity. I owe everything to martial arts—it’s an integral part of my life.”

Representing Tiger Muay Thai, Andrade stands on the precipice of potentially becoming a two-sport world champion if he triumphs over ‘The General,’ who promises to bring his A-game in their championship clash.

Andrade rides the wave of momentum, boasting an unblemished record of six wins and one no-contest, featuring four TKO/KO finishes in the world’s premier martial arts organization.

Catch ONE Fight Night 16: Haggerty vs. Andrade on Prime Video, broadcasting live in US Primetime on November 3, free of charge for existing Prime Video subscribers in North America.



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