Devin Haney's Reaction to Showtime's Boxing Departure: A Sport's Monumental Journey



Devin Haney’s Reaction to Showtime’s Boxing Departure: A Sport’s Monumental Journey

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Devin Haney has joined the chorus of disappointed voices in the world of boxing, reacting to Showtime’s recent decision to discontinue its involvement in combat sports. While this move was somewhat expected in the MMA community due to Bellator’s sale to the PFL, it caught the boxing world by surprise.

Reports suggest that Al Haymon is already strategizing to migrate much of his talent to Amazon Prime. However, this transition is viewed as a major setback for the sport. Devin Haney, one of boxing’s rising stars, expressed his disappointment during an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

Haney didn’t hold back, even taking a dig at those like Dana White, who celebrated the departure of Stephen Espinoza. In the interview, the unified lightweight champion emphasized the significance of Showtime in the boxing world:

“Some people may be happy about it, but I believe it’s a somber moment for boxing. Showtime has played an integral role in the sport, and its absence leaves a significant void. With HBO already gone, Showtime was real boxing… It’s more than just Stephen Espinoza; it’s Showtime itself.”


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