Colby Covington Calls for Superfight with Islam Makhachev, Promises Dominance



Colby Covington Calls for Superfight with Islam Makhachev, Promises Dominance

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Colby Covington Eyes Dual Challenge: UFC Welterweight Title and Potential Showdown with Islam Makhachev in 2024

Colby Covington is ready to make a splash upon his return to the world of combat sports. Not only is the perennial welterweight contender already locked in for a showdown with Leon Edwards, set for UFC 296 in December, to vie for the undisputed UFC welterweight championship, but “Chaos” is also setting his sights on a potential superfight against lightweight champion Islam Makhachev in 2024.

Covington’s last appearance in the octagon resulted in a decision victory over his rival Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272 in March 2022. Despite his 18-month hiatus from competition, Covington’s track record and ability to generate interest have propelled him into yet another title shot. If he manages to best Edwards in December, Covington will have the freedom to dictate his next moves in the coming year, including the possibility of a clash with Makhachev, who currently holds the UFC lightweight title and is considered one of the sport’s top pound-for-pound fighters.

“I’m setting up big business. First, Leon, and then we can explore the clash of American wrestling versus Dagestani wrestling,” Covington stated in an interview with Submission Radio. “Everyone wants to witness that fight. Makhachev is starting to run his mouth, but we know his manager, Ali Abdelaziz, ‘Abdela-sleeze,’ won’t let him enter my crosshairs. He can say what he wants to the media, but he doesn’t really mean it. Makhachev knows I’d put a beating on him. He wouldn’t stand a chance against raw American steel. He’s nothing more than a sheep herder.”

Makhachev, who is set to defend his 155-pound title in a rematch against Charles Oliveira at UFC 294 later this month, has already discussed the possibility of moving up to the welterweight division. The Dagestani fighter may find himself better suited for a higher weight class, but his immediate focus remains on facing “Do Bronx” in Abu Dhabi before contemplating such a move.

Covington sees the potential showdown as an opportunity for both fighters to prove themselves in what could be the UFC’s biggest and most exciting spectacle. He acknowledges that Makhachev typically walks around at a heavier weight, while he chooses to fight closer to his natural weight. Covington suggests that Makhachev should move up and test himself against the challenges of a different weight class, especially given the talk from him and his Dagestani counterparts about venturing into new territory.

Covington is renowned for his wrestling prowess and overall grinding style in the welterweight division. Still, Makhachev’s ground game garners even greater acclaim in the lightweight division. Covington welcomes the challenge and would like to see Makhachev fight at his natural weight, putting his skills to the test against “raw American steel.”

Come fight at your natural weight, come test yourself,” Covington urged. “He talks a big game about wanting to be the pound-for-pound No. 1, and this is how you prove it. Come up here, let’s see if you’re the pound-for-pound No. 1 by fighting someone at your natural weight.

“He’s another guy who talks the talk, tries to hype up a fight, but he’s never going to actually step up and do it, you know? Khabib did the same thing. They know that American wrestling is the best. That sambo stuff doesn’t work. He’d get outwrestled any day of the week in grappling or wrestling in America. He’s over there playing with sheep, doing his thing over there, but that stuff doesn’t work. Yeah, it’s worked on the guys in the lightweight class when you can just muscle them around. These are little kids, little boys, and none of them wrestled anyway. Now you’ve got a real American wrestler, raw American steel, the highest regard, and he knows what would happen.


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