Angela Lee 2017 Car Crash Suicide Attempt, Sister Victoria's Tragic Loss



Angela Lee: 2017 Car Crash Suicide Attempt, Sister Victoria’s Tragic Loss

In a deeply personal and revealing account, Angela Lee, the reigning Atomweight Champion in the UFC, has shared her battle with mental health issues and a shocking suicide attempt that occurred in 2017, shedding light on the tremendous pressure faced by professional athletes.

Lee, now 27 years old and hailing from Hawaii, recently penned a moving article for The Players’ Tribune, where she disclosed the harrowing details of her suicide attempt leading up to a scheduled fight six years ago. Her candid revelations provide a stark reminder of the challenges athletes face behind the scenes.

The fighter explained that her descent into a crisis began when she struggled with an extremely challenging weight cut before her impending match. Her body wasn’t responding as expected, intensifying her anxiety as the fight date approached. The pressure and expectations mounted, pushing Lee to the brink.

In her own words, Angela Lee shared, “My car crash in November 2017 was not an accident. It was a suicide attempt. I was getting ready for my last title defense of the year, things started to snowball for me. Pressure, stress, and expectations all began to build up.”

For Lee, the upcoming fight had become an obsession, eclipsing everything else in her life. She felt that her entire world depended on making weight and performing well. This relentless focus on her sport created a double-edged sword, and she reached a point where she believed that her failure to make weight would bring shame and the loss of everything she held dear.

Lee described her desperate attempt to avoid the fight, admitting that she tried to injure herself. First, she attempted to break her own arm and later tried to induce a concussion. When those efforts proved unsuccessful, she embarked on a late-night drive along a perilous stretch of Hawaiian highway, intending to end her life with one turn of the wheel.

“I just pressed my foot all the way down on the gas pedal. As far down as it would go,” Lee recounted. “I wanted to hit the guardrail as hard as I could, and I just remember turning the steering wheel and swerving and then hitting something, and then it was just… rolling. Rolling and rolling and rolling.”

Despite the traumatic experience, Lee kept the truth hidden from the public. Only her husband knew the full extent of what had happened. It took her several months to come to terms with her suicide attempt and begin the journey to recovery.

Angela Lee emphasized the importance of sharing her story to help others facing similar challenges. She has launched a non-profit organization called Fightstory, inspired by her own experiences and the tragic loss of her 18-year-old sister, Victoria, to suicide.

Lee said, “Fightstory is just as much hers as it is mine. It’s something we created together, to save lives and to try and make the world a better place. We want people to know that although you may feel lonely in your fight with mental health, you are not alone.”

In closing, Angela Lee encouraged those struggling with mental health issues to seek help, emphasizing that there is strength in honesty and in asking for support. Her story serves as a powerful reminder that even the strongest among us can face dark moments, and that sharing our experiences can make a significant difference in the lives of others.


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