Pereira criticizes Thompson, calling him a coward for UFC 291 fight cancellation.



Pereira criticizes Thompson, calling him a coward for UFC 291 fight cancellation.

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Michel Pereira has strong words for Stephen Thompson over their UFC 291 fight cancellation. UFC Vegas 81 unfolded on Saturday, October 14th in Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring Pereira (29-11 MMA) taking on Andre Petroski (10-3 MMA) in a middleweight clash, securing a TKO win, marking his sixth consecutive victory.

However, Pereira’s previous plan to face Thompson (17-6 MMA) at welterweight during UFC 291 in July hit a snag as Pereira exceeded the welterweight limit, leading to the bout’s cancellation due to Thompson’s refusal to proceed.

Even though he enjoyed his recent victory, Pereira remains discontented about the missed opportunity to fight ‘Wonderboy.’ Speaking via a translator on ‘The MMA Hour,’ Pereira expressed his sentiments:

“I wanted to fight, of course. I was ready and prepared. I suffered a lot to lose weight for that fight, so obviously I was upset. I thought he was a little coward. In my entire career, I never saw anything like that, but at the same time, he was within his rights.”

Pereira elaborated on the challenges he faced leading up to the fight:

“It was 1.5 years without a fight. I had five fights canceled because of other fighters, and I started gaining a lot of weight. On the week of the fight, a lot of weird things started happening to me, and then we realized it was because I was too strong, I had gained a lot of weight, and that was the challenge.”

Regarding the possibility of a future fight with Thompson, Pereira stated:

“He’s in a different weight class so I don’t think about fighting him anymore. I’m at 185, and the opportunity has passed.”

Pereira emphasized his comfort at middleweight:

“185 is the weight class where I feel better, my body is better, my training is easier. In the other weight class, I suffered so much. I feel good in this weight class, so that’s the weight class I’ll stay in for now. I only had to cut 10 pounds in the week before, I prepared more, and just felt so much better — I just kept training.”

Looking ahead, Pereira hinted at a potential opponent:

“No preference, I don’t even know much about this new weight class, but one fight that I really like, I really enjoy him, he’s a bit of a showman, his name is Israel Adesanya. It would be a fun fight. I have nothing against him, just admiration. And I’d love to fight him.”

The prospect of a Michel Pereira vs. Israel Adesanya showdown could certainly be an exciting one for MMA fans. Share your thoughts on this potential matchup in the comments section!


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