Oscar De La Hoya: 'Super Boring' Fights Like Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermell Charlo Threaten Boxing's Future



Oscar De La Hoya: ‘Super Boring’ Fights Like Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermell Charlo Threaten Boxing’s Future

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The recent bout between undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez and unified light middleweight champion Jermell Charlo has faced criticism for being one-sided and uneventful. Boxing legend and promoter Oscar De La Hoya expressed his dissatisfaction with the fight in a video shared on social media, specifically calling out Jermell Charlo for his lackluster performance. De La Hoya emphasized that Canelo’s victory was effortless.

The Golden Boy” stressed the importance of “superfights” in boxing, highlighting the need for matches that guarantee excitement and exceptional performances. De La Hoya remarked, “Canelo vs. Charlo, super boring fight. It seemed like Charlo just showed up for a paycheck. Canelo, as I’ve mentioned before, was throwing powerful punches on quicksand. He won convincingly. However, for boxing to thrive and survive, we need superfights consistently. Fighters must face each other, and we need to unite.

De La Hoya, who is also a promoter, extended an invitation to other prominent promoters, including Eddie Hearn (Canelo Alvarez’s former promoter) and Bob Arum, urging them to collaborate and organize matchups between the best boxers in the sport.

Promoters like Eddie Hearn, Al Haymon, Bob Arum, and anyone else out there, let’s come together. I’m challenging you all. Let’s convene, harness our collective wisdom, and develop solutions because the future of boxing is at stake. I’m calling you out—let’s make this happen.



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