Michael Bisping Criticizes NBA Player for Challenging Jon Jones 'The Only Thing Getting Bounced Is Your Head



Michael Bisping Criticizes NBA Player for Challenging Jon Jones: ‘The Only Thing Getting Bounced Is Your Head


Bisping ripped into former NBA player James Johnson for suggesting he could beat G.O.A.T. contender Jon Jones after a year of MMA training.

Michael Bisping has grown tired of non-fighters making claims that they could defeat the greatest champions in mixed martial arts.

The most recent example of this is former NBA player James Johnson, who recently asserted that he could defeat UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones with just one year of wrestling training. Johnson has a background in karate and an unverified amateur fighting history. Despite his imposing size, none of these factors would make much difference in a fight against one of the all-time octagon greats.

“Give me a year? Give me a break,” Bisping exclaimed in a recent YouTube video. “This is what we really need here. Look, James Johnson, I’m sure he’s a nice guy, I really am. But this is comical. We’ve all seen martial arts movies, and after watching them, we get all hyped up and want to fight. We watch Rocky, start shadowboxing, and believe we’re tough. Then we head to the pub, have a few drinks, and think we can take on anyone. The list goes on.

Bisping also disputed Johnson’s claimed fighting record of 20-0 in kickboxing and 7-0 in MMA.

“I did some research on Tapology. Tapology records all fights, okay?” he remarked. “You don’t have to be an NBA player or someone famous; anyone with just one fight can be on Tapology or the Sherdog database. But when I checked Tapology, there are plenty of James Johnsons, none of whom are 7-0, none of whom are 6’8”, and none of whom are basketball players. This guy is delusional, he’s out of his mind.

“It’s nonsense, it’s absurd. You can’t find this guy’s fights anywhere. Even if he is 20-0 in kickboxing, we all know someone who’s a British kickboxing champion or a regional kickboxing champion, and when you watch their fights, it’s seven people in a sports hall, and the opponent is completely out of shape and never trained in his life. They get a shiny belt, and suddenly they’re a ‘champion!'”

“The Count” also took offense at Johnson’s suggestion that Jon Jones is primarily a wrestler and wouldn’t fare well on his feet.

“Jon Jones is the greatest of all time, Jon Jones is undefeated,” Bisping asserted. “Jon Jones is fighting Stipe Miocic in Madison Square Garden, against the greatest heavyweight of all time… And Jon Jones is a bit off his rocker. Jon Jones is crazy. He has that mean streak in him, and whether you want to criticize him for it… he’s had some incredible fights, and that meanness, that craziness he possesses, it helps you in a fight.

“I’m sure this basketball player has had outbursts on the basketball court. I’m sure he has a reputation. But you’re not going up against Jon Jones. No way.”

“Stick to your court: the basketball court,” he concluded. “No one is bouncing balls in octagons. The only thing that’s getting bounced is your head all over the place by Jon Jones’ vicious elbows when he takes you down with relative ease.”

Jon Jones is set to face Stipe Miocic at UFC 295 on November 11th in New York City. While he’s intensely focused on his fight with Miocic, he hasn’t posted on Twitter since the end of August. Fans are still awaiting his thoughts on the Johnson situation, but as of now, there has been no comment from “Bones” on the matter.





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