Kelvin Gastelum Impresses, UFC Amateur Punishes Bodybuilder


Kelvin Gastelum Impresses, UFC Amateur Punishes Bodybuilder

Kelvin Gastelum Joins Criticism Against Bradley Martyn, Issues Warning to Bodybuilder

Kelvin Gastelum has joined the chorus of mixed martial artists criticizing social media influencer and bodybuilder Bradley Martyn. Martyn had drawn ire from the MMA community for boasting about his ability to take on professional fighters, including UFC legend Nate Diaz. Gastelum shared a video on X (formerly known as Twitter) showing a smaller MMA fighter defeating a bulkier Turkish bodybuilder with ground and pound.

Though there are conflicting reports about the fighter’s background, the post Gastelum quoted mentioned that the fighter had four wins and four losses in his record. Gastelum called out Martyn without naming him and emphasized the capabilities of UFC fighters and champions in MMA, stating, “All of these shots were legal in MMA & they’re in a field. I think I saw a knee to the head at the end though.”

Notably, Bradley Martyn himself had been humbled by a mixed martial artist in the past, with old footage available on his YouTube channel showing him being thrown across the mat and submitted multiple times by a brown belt.

Kelvin Gastelum was originally scheduled to face welterweight sensation Shavkat Rakhmonov at UFC Fight Night 227 on September 16. However, he had to withdraw from the fight due to a severe nose injury sustained during a sparring session, caused by an elbow from his training partner. Gastelum posted a video on Instagram detailing the incident and shared images of his treatment.

Despite the setback, Gastelum expressed his intention to fight Rakhmonov and mentioned it on his YouTube channel. He apologized for the unfortunate incident and revealed that he had requested the UFC to reschedule the fight for November 11th at Madison Square Garden, expressing hope that his wish would be granted.


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