Mike Babcock Resignation, NHL Prospect Showcases and Mailbag

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In the latest episode of The Hockey News Podcast hosted by Ryan Kennedy and Mike Stephens, the duo delved into several intriguing topics that are making waves in the world of hockey.

First on the agenda was the surprising resignation of Mike Babcock from his position as head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets, even before stepping behind the bench for a single game. The hosts dissected the sequence of events surrounding Babcock’s departure and explored the implications this unusual move could have for the future of coaching in the NHL. The discussion also turned to what fans and experts can anticipate with Pascal Vincent taking over as the new head coach of the Blue Jackets.

Ryan Kennedy, who recently attended one of the NHL rookie tournaments in Buffalo, shared his firsthand observations from the event. The prospect showcase provided an early glimpse into the talents of young, up-and-coming players. Listeners were treated to insights on which prospects stood out and exhibited promising potential.

The episode also featured an engaging segment dedicated to answering questions from the show’s listeners. The hosts addressed a variety of inquiries, including their takes on players who might not live up to the hype and queries related to specific NHL teams, such as the San Jose Sharks.

The Hockey News Podcast continues to be a valuable resource for hockey enthusiasts seeking in-depth analysis, expert opinions, and insider perspectives on the latest developments in the sport. Fans can catch the full episode and subscribe on their preferred podcast platform for more exciting hockey content.


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