Maple Leafs change new goal song after single game over lyrical concerns


Maple Leafs change new goal song after single game over lyrical concerns

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The Toronto Maple Leafs have decided to discontinue their new goal song, the Steve Aoki remix of Kid Cudi’s ‘Pursuit of Happiness,’ following the team’s concerns over specific lyrics related to drunk driving.

Previously known for their long-standing use of Hall and Oates’ ‘You Make My Dreams,’ the Maple Leafs adopted the Kid Cudi hit for their 2023-24 season opener against the Montreal Canadiens. However, the decision was swiftly reversed after scrutiny regarding certain lines that allude to marijuana use and intoxicated driving.

Although the goal song had excluded these controversial lyrics, a team spokesperson confirmed the organization’s sensitivity to the broader context of the song’s content. The move highlights the team’s commitment to maintaining a positive and responsible image within the community.

During their recent victory over the Minnesota Wild, the Toronto Maple Leafs surprised fans by playing the track “Dup Dup” by German artist Mickie Krause as their goal song. The team plans to incorporate a diverse range of goal songs throughout the season, intending to rotate them based on the opponent or the specific theme of the event. The primary objective is to choose songs that can boost the energy levels of both players and fans during the games.

In their latest match against the Chicago Blackhawks, facing off against rising star Connor Bedard, the Maple Leafs went with Van Halen’s “Panama” as their goal song. While it’s uncertain whether this choice will remain for more than one game, the team seems undeterred by the previous “controversy” surrounding their selection.

Auston Matthews’s impressive performance, resulting in the first consecutive hat tricks by a Maple Leafs player in almost two decades, coupled with Toronto’s 13-goal tally across the first two games, indicates that the pursuit of success on the ice remains the team’s primary focus.


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