Beeston Targets an Exciting Showdown in Nottingham Derby's Premier Division

Beeston Engages with Local Community on Matchdays in Premier Division Showdown

Beeston’s men and women are gearing up for an exciting doubleheader in the Premier Division, set to be followed by a fireworks display at Nottingham Hockey Centre. Both Beeston teams are determined to make an impact at the top of the table as they face rivals University of Nottingham. Currently, the women’s team is in fifth place, while the men’s team holds the sixth spot in their respective leagues.

The Bees, with the support of their live TV platform, are also anticipating a substantial crowd. To enhance the hockey experience, they will offer Oktoberfest-themed menus, food stalls, and live music in the club bar.

On the field, the Beeston women are determined to bounce back from two recent losses after a strong start to the season. They secured two 2-1 victories, defeating Wimbledon and the Vitality Women’s Premier Division champions, East Grinstead. However, they faced a 3-1 loss to Clifton Robinsons.

James Sordillo, Beeston’s coach, reflected on their performance, emphasizing the importance of clear game plans when facing top opponents. He acknowledged that facing strong opposition always requires some degree of luck but noted that taking advantage of opportunities led to their success in previous games.

The team is in a positive place, with a closely-knit squad that has developed over the past few years. Sordillo emphasized the unity and camaraderie among the players, which contributes to their motivation and desire to compete.

Beeston will be hosting their games in doubleheaders with the men’s 1s this season, an initiative aimed at boosting engagement and raising the club’s profile as a leading Midlands club.

Sordillo recognized the club’s efforts to create a unique experience for fans, fostering a sense of community and engagement. With outstanding facilities and a vibrant atmosphere during Saturday matches, the club is investing time and resources not only in its members but also in the local community.

The upcoming clash against the University of Nottingham promises to be an interesting matchup between contrasting styles, with Beeston looking to outshine their rivals. Sordillo acknowledged that it’s essential to maintain control, create opportunities, and put on a show for the crowd.

In the pursuit of creating an engaging and event-like atmosphere, Beeston is making strides in connecting with the local community and growing its supporter base.

Saturday Schedule

  • Beeston Women vs. University of Nottingham at 4 pm
  • Beeston Men vs. University of Nottingham at 6 pm


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