The purse for the Yeangder TPC in Taiwan has surged to a staggering $1 million.


The purse for the Yeangder TPC in Taiwan has surged to a staggering $1 million.

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The prize fund has been doubled since 2019, elevating it to become one of the most lucrative golf events in the country

Bryant Hsu, the Vice President of Yeangder Group, and his father, Emmet Hsu, the Chairman of Yeangder Group.

The Yeangder TPC on the Asian Tour is set for a substantial prize money boost as event organizers have disclosed plans to raise next year’s tournament purse to an impressive US$1 million. This significant increase positions the event as one of the most financially rewarding golf tournaments in Taiwan.

After a three-year hiatus due to COVID-19, the tournament made its return to the Asian Tour schedule in 2022, boasting a prize fund of US$700,000, a notable increase from the previous purse of US$500,000 in 2019. Furthermore, for the current season, the prize money has been further augmented to US$750,000.

The Asian Tour’s Key Tournaments

We extend our gratitude to the Yeangder Group and its Chairman, Emmet Hsu, for once again enhancing the prize money for what stands as one of the Asian Tour’s pivotal tournaments. Not only have we witnessed a consistent increase in the purse in recent years, but we’ve also observed significant efforts aimed at improving the playing conditions at the tournament’s host venue. The conditions this year have been unparalleled,” remarked Cho Minn Thant, the Commissioner and CEO of the Asian Tour.

This development ensures that the Yeangder TPC will continue to play a crucial role in determining our Merit champion and the final standings on our overall list.

Chinese Taipei has consistently been a staunch supporter of the Asian Tour, exemplified by events like the Yeangder TPC and the remarkable contributions of its numerous exceptional players, both past and present, who continue to shape the future of our tour.


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