Royal Moroccan Federation and British Royal Club Collaborate to Enhance the Future of Golf in


Royal Moroccan Federation and British Royal Club Collaborate to Enhance the Future of Golf in

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Rabat – The Royal Moroccan Golf Federation (FRGF) and the Old Royal Golf Club in the United Kingdom have joined forces to enhance the prominence of golf in Morocco. This collaboration was formalized during the Royal Cup event held in Rome on Tuesday, signifying the mutual commitment of both parties to elevate the future of golf in Morocco. The signing ceremony was presided over by Mustapha Ezzine, First Vice-President of the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation.

Notable attendees at the signing ceremony included Riad Issawi, President of the Young Athletes Committee of the University; David Toledano, President of the International Relations Committee; and Phil Anderton, Director of Development at the Old Royal Golf Club.

The agreement encompasses a series of innovative initiatives and programs aimed at enriching the golf landscape in Morocco. A primary focus of these endeavors is to promote golf as a means of fostering physical and mental well-being, with a strong emphasis on the sport’s future.

To realize these goals, the two entities will collaborate on a comprehensive strategy, targeting young aspiring golfers by integrating golf into educational institutions and organizing customized competitions.

Furthermore, the partnership seeks to empower women in golf. The agreement outlines the introduction of specialized programs to encourage female participation in golf, with a focus on practical, academic, and career-related aspects of the sport.

Additionally, the digitization of golf will play a central role, with the introduction of the “Learn to Play” initiative in Morocco, offering new avenues for enthusiasts to engage with the game.

In a press release, the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation stated, “This agreement marks a pivotal moment in our renewed collaboration with the Old Royal Golf Club and the university, both institutions deeply committed to advancing the sport.”

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