Sam Burns Joins the Ranks of Ryder Cup Players Sporting Patriotic Haircuts



Sam Burns Joins the Ranks of Ryder Cup Players Sporting Patriotic Haircuts

Leading up to the 44th Ryder Cup, Sam Burns, a first-time member of the U.S. Team, expressed that there’s “no greater honor than representing your country.”

Arguably, Burns has elevated the concept of representing the United States to an entirely new dimension.

As he prepared for his journey to the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club near Rome, Italy, he shared a video on his Instagram account, revealing his distinctive mullet haircut featuring the letters “USA” intricately carved onto the side of his head.

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During his Tuesday press conference, Sam Burns provided some context regarding his distinctive haircut, explaining that a friend had used a straight razor to meticulously carve the initials.

He casually remarked, “I wasn’t too nervous about it. The worst-case scenario was a small nick.”

Fellow Ryder Cup newcomer Wyndham Clark playfully chimed in on the video, humorously referring to Burns as a “last-minute captain’s pick for Team USA… Joe Dirt,” invoking the iconic character played by David Spade. U.S. Captain Zach Johnson also joined in the light-hearted banter during his Monday press conference.

“I had no clue he was doing that,” Johnson chuckled. “He’s got fantastic hair. I mean, I’d do it if I could. I just don’t have any hair to work with… We’ve got a few guys sporting the short sides and long front and back look. You know what, more power to them. If they’re comfortable with it, that’s what matters.”

One of the individuals rocking the unconventional hairstyle is Brooks Koepka, the 2023 PGA Championship winner, who added his thoughts on Burns’ unique look.

“Yeah, Sam’s got quite the ‘Kentucky waterfall’ going on,” Koepka quipped. “It’s pretty impressive, although the ‘USA’ inscribed on the side of his head… I don’t know if he was looking in a mirror when he did that because ‘USA’ doesn’t look its best. But that just makes it even better, I think. It adds a touch of class.”

With this patriotic gesture, Sam Burns follows in the footsteps of Rickie Fowler’s 2014 Ryder Cup legacy. Prior to the 40th edition of the matches at Gleneagles in Scotland, Fowler famously – or perhaps infamously – introduced the “USA” fade. While flamboyant hairstyles are commonplace in some other sports, it left the golfing world astonished. European media labeled it as “bold,” prompting Fowler to passionately defend his choice.

“You’ve got to display some patriotism and spirit for your country,” Fowler declared at the time.

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Regrettably, the U.S. experienced a disheartening defeat in a 16.5-11.5 loss at Gleneagles. However, this time around, the Americans are determined to overturn their fortunes and secure a victory on European turf, a feat they haven’t accomplished in three decades. While the outcome of the Ryder Cup remains uncertain, there’s one aspect fans can anticipate from the Burns camp in the coming years:

“I’ve got to let the mullet grow while I still have the chance,” he remarked. “It won’t last forever.”


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