Golf's Top Earners in 2023: Unveiling the PGA Tour's Wealthiest Players and Their Earnings



Golf’s Top Earners in 2023: Unveiling the PGA Tour’s Wealthiest Players and Their Earnings

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In the world of golf, riches are no stranger, and the sport’s elite athletes rank among the wealthiest in the world.

The infusion of substantial funds by LIV Golf in the past year has left an indelible mark on PGA Tour golfers, no matter one’s stance on the Saudi-backed competition. Love it or loathe it, LIV Golf undeniably fueled a surge in earnings for top PGA Tour players like Viktor Hovland.

PGA Tour vs. LIV Golf: Raising the Stakes The revelation of nine-figure offers extended to golf icons such as Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson to depart the PGA Tour for LIV Golf last year set the stage for an enthralling saga. The Saudi-backed league, seemingly bottomless in resources, plunged golf into a maelstrom of political controversy, with allegations of ‘sport washing’ taking center stage. Consequentially, players who opted to switch sides faced bans, legal disputes erupted, and luminaries like Tiger Woods called for the resignation of LIV’s CEO, Greg Norman.

Amid this theatric spectacle, few could have foreseen the subsequent plot twist: a proposed merger between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf. The dust has yet to settle on this front, with players continuing to critique PGA’s leadership while regulatory investigations loom on the horizon. However, amidst all this turmoil, one facet has been quietly evolving—the wealth within the game has experienced remarkable growth. Arguably, this surge in financial strength is a direct result of LIV Golf’s ‘disruptive’ movement, leading to substantial increases in tournament purses. This, inevitably, brings us to the list of beneficiaries relishing the newfound riches in the golfing world today.


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