Missoula Ranch Club Organizes Cyclocross Race on Golf Course


Missoula Ranch Club Organizes Cyclocross Race on Golf Course

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Cyclocross Race Takes Over Missoula Golf Course

In Missoula, the Missoula Ranch Club recently played host to an exhilarating cyclocross race, challenging cyclists to navigate a unique course filled with the many obstacles typically found on a golf course, including challenging hills, sand traps, and a variety of terrain, with the exception of water hazards.

Shaun Radley, the organizer of the event, provided insights into the demanding nature of the golf course terrain for the riders. He explained, ‘Given that the entire course is covered in grass, the physical demands are high. It’s not so much a technical challenge, but rather a test of physical endurance. Pedaling through grass can be quite energy-draining, and the rolling resistance is reduced, which means riders need to be in peak physical condition to conquer a course like this.

The event kicked off with a race that welcomed children of various ages, some of them accompanied by their parents, as they enthusiastically tackled the challenges presented by the course.

Cyclocross has gained rapid popularity in Missoula, and the young participants in the sport have formed stronger bonds through their friendly competition. Jack Peddy, a youth rider, shared his perspective on the camaraderie within the group.

He said, ‘I’ve developed many friendships through this, not only in biking but with the guys here who have been really enjoyable to race against. There’s a competitive spirit, but we still manage to have fun and race at our own pace.’

Missoula is set to be the host city for the Pan-American Cyclocross Championships taking place on November 5-6.




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