Last Chance: Two Steamboat Golf Courses Open for Season's Final Rounds


Last Chance: Two Steamboat Golf Courses Open for Season’s Final Rounds

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Rollingstone Ranch Golf Club and Catamount Ranch and Club bid farewell to the golf season last Sunday, leaving just two courses welcoming golf enthusiasts for the final rounds this year.

Haymaker Golf Course and Steamboat Golf Club, however, plan to stay open until the weather imposes restrictions on their operation. According to Steamboat Golf Club’s clubhouse manager, Eric McCaugherty, they anticipate enduring a bit longer, especially due to the area’s generally milder weather on the west side of town.

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Predicting the exact conclusion of the golf season proves challenging for both McCaugherty and Haymaker’s head golf professional, Cody Hasten. They advise those seeking a few more rounds to act sooner rather than later. They’ll monitor the weather and act accordingly.

Snowfall last week briefly halted both Steamboat Golf Club and Haymaker, a typical occurrence this time of year. Nevertheless, they swiftly recover once the snow subsides and conditions allow play.

During the fall, morning frost often covers the greens, and walking on frosted greens can harm the grass. To mitigate this, both courses have adjusted their morning tee times to permit the frost to melt. Haymaker has shifted from 7 to 10 a.m., and Steamboat Golf Club from 8 to 10 a.m.

In autumn, the grass growth rate decreases, prompting maintenance crews to focus on preparing the course for winter. Haymaker recently aerated its fairways and will soon begin shutting down its irrigation system.

While the weather for the upcoming weekend and early next week appears promising, the threat of snow persists. Generally, they manage to stay open until the end of October, with last year extending into the first week of November. They remain hopeful of continued play unless consecutive storms disrupt their plans.


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