South American FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifiers: Fixtures, Dates, and Locations

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As the football world eagerly anticipates the FIFA World Cup 2026™, the drama and intensity of the South American qualifiers have already begun to captivate fans across the continent and around the globe. With thrilling matches, unexpected twists, and rising stars, this qualifying campaign promises to be a rollercoaster ride to the world’s most prestigious football tournament.

Let’s dive into the action, results, fixtures, and locations for the South American qualifiers, and take a look at the teams vying for their chance to shine on the global stage.

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Round 1: A Steady Start

The opening round of qualifiers saw some evenly contested battles, with Paraguay holding Peru to a goalless draw. Meanwhile, Colombia edged past Venezuela with a solitary goal from Rafael Santos Borre, securing a vital three points. Argentina, led by the iconic Lionel Messi, overcame Ecuador 1-0, while Uruguay powered past Chile with a 3-1 victory.

In an emphatic display, Brazil displayed their dominance with a resounding 5-1 triumph over Bolivia, featuring goals from Rodrygo, Raphinha, Neymar (2), and Victor Abrego.

Round 2: Brazil and Argentina Continue to Shine

Round 2 continued to deliver excitement as Argentina and Brazil maintained their winning streaks. Argentina defeated Bolivia 3-0 with goals from Enzo Fernandez, Nicolas Tagliafico, and Nicolas Gonzalez, while Ecuador showcased their strength, defeating Uruguay 2-1, thanks to goals from Agustin Canobbio and a brace from Felix Torres.

Venezuela secured a crucial win over Paraguay with a goal from Rondon, while Chile and Colombia settled for a goalless draw. Peru put up a valiant fight but fell short to Brazil, who emerged victorious with a solitary goal from Marquinhos.

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Standings After Two Rounds:

A Tight Race After two rounds of intense competition, the standings offer a glimpse into the fierce battle unfolding in the South American qualifiers:

  • Brazil and Argentina lead the pack with maximum points, each winning their opening two matches.
  • Colombia stands strong in third place, with one win and one draw, totaling four points.
  • Uruguay and Venezuela share the fourth and fifth positions, both with three points.
  • Paraguay, Peru, Chile, and Ecuador are all closely packed with one point each.
  • Bolivia is yet to secure a point, trailing at the bottom of the table.

Upcoming Fixtures: Mark Your Calendars

The journey to the World Cup continues with several exciting fixtures in Round 3, promising thrilling encounters and pivotal moments:

  • Bolivia vs. Ecuador – October 12, 2023, in La Paz
  • Colombia vs. Uruguay – October 12, 2023, in Barranquilla
  • Chile vs. Peru – October 12, 2023, in Santiago
  • Argentina vs. Paraguay – October 12, 2023, in Buenos Aires
  • Brazil vs. Venezuela – October 12, 2023, in Cuiaba

As the campaign unfolds, here’s a glimpse of the matches scheduled for Rounds 4 to 18, providing a roadmap for fans to follow their favorite teams and players:

Round 4 to 18: The Road Ahead

Note: Specific dates and locations for some matches are yet to be determined (TBD).

Round 4 (October 17, 2023):

  • Venezuela vs. Chile
  • Paraguay vs. Bolivia
  • Ecuador vs. Colombia
  • Uruguay vs. Brazil
  • Peru vs. Argentina

Round 5 (November 2023):

  • Colombia vs. Brazil
  • Venezuela vs. Ecuador
  • Bolivia vs. Peru
  • Argentina vs. Uruguay
  • Chile vs. Paraguay

Round 6 (November 2023):

  • Uruguay vs. Bolivia
  • Peru vs. Venezuela
  • Brazil vs. Argentina
  • Paraguay vs. Colombia
  • Ecuador vs. Chile

Round 7 (September 2024):

  • Uruguay vs. Paraguay
  • Peru vs. Colombia
  • Brazil vs. Ecuador
  • Bolivia vs. Venezuela
  • Argentina vs. Chile

Round 8 (September 2024):

  • Colombia vs. Argentina
  • Venezuela vs. Uruguay
  • Paraguay vs. Brazil
  • Chile vs. Bolivia
  • Ecuador vs. Peru

Round 9 (October 2024):

  • Peru vs. Uruguay
  • Venezuela vs. Argentina
  • Bolivia vs. Colombia
  • Chile vs. Brazil
  • Ecuador vs. Paraguay

Round 10 (October 2024):

  • Uruguay vs. Ecuador
  • Colombia vs. Chile
  • Brazil vs. Peru
  • Paraguay vs. Venezuela
  • Argentina vs. Bolivia

Round 11 (November 2024):

  • Uruguay vs. Colombia
  • Peru vs. Chile
  • Venezuela vs. Brazil
  • Paraguay vs. Argentina
  • Ecuador vs. Bolivia

Round 12 (November 2024):

  • Colombia vs. Ecuador
  • Brazil vs. Uruguay
  • Bolivia vs. Paraguay
  • Argentina vs. Peru
  • Chile vs. Venezuela

Round 13 (March 2025):

  • Uruguay vs. Argentina
  • Peru vs. Bolivia
  • Brazil vs. Colombia
  • Paraguay vs. Chile
  • Ecuador vs. Venezuela

Round 14 (March 2025):

  • Colombia vs. Paraguay
  • Venezuela vs. Peru
  • Bolivia vs. Uruguay
  • Argentina vs. Brazil
  • Chile vs. Ecuador

Round 15 (June 2025):

  • Colombia vs. Peru
  • Venezuela vs. Bolivia
  • Paraguay vs. Uruguay
  • Chile vs. Argentina
  • Ecuador vs. Brazil

Round 16 (June 2025):

  • Uruguay vs. Venezuela
  • Peru vs. Ecuador
  • Brazil vs. Paraguay
  • Bolivia vs. Chile
  • Argentina vs. Colombia

Round 17 (September 2025):

  • Uruguay vs. Peru
  • Colombia vs. Bolivia
  • Brazil vs. Chile
  • Paraguay vs. Ecuador
  • Argentina vs. Venezuela

Round 18 (September 2025):

  • Peru vs. Paraguay
  • Venezuela vs. Colombia
  • Bolivia vs. Brazil
  • Chile vs. Uruguay
  • Ecuador vs. Argentina

As the South American qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup 2026™ progress, fans can expect a whirlwind of emotions, unforgettable moments, and intense rivalries. Stay tuned for comprehensive coverage as we bring you the latest updates, match analyses, and exclusive insights on the journey to football’s grandest stage. The race to Qatar 2026 is well underway, and it promises to be a thrilling spectacle for football aficionados worldwide.

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