football chief Luis Rubiales kiss of player Jenni Hermoso


Former Spanish Football Chief Luis Rubiales To Testify In Court Over Alleged Unsolicited Kiss Of Player Jenni Hermoso

Former Spanish soccer chief Luis Rubiales is set to testify before the High Court in Madrid on Friday over his allegedly unsolicited kiss on the lips of World Cup winner Jenni Hermoso[1]. The incident took place in front of a global television audience after Spain defeated England in the women’s World Cup final on August 20. Hermoso lodged a criminal complaint against Rubiales, which led to his resignation as the president of the Spanish soccer federation on September 11[5]. The complaint by Hermoso describes how Rubiales kissed her on the mouth “without her consent” while holding her head with both hands[1]. Prosecutors have asked the judge that Rubiales appear before a court on charges of sexual assault and coercion[4].

The incident has sparked a firestorm of controversy in the soccer world, with many calling for Rubiales to be held accountable for his actions. Rubiales has not responded to Reuters questions about the case[1]. High Court judge Francisco de Jorge is in charge of the probe as the incident took place outside Spain[1].

Rubiales’ testimony before the High Court in Madrid on Friday will shed more light on the incident and its aftermath. The case has drawn attention to the issue of sexual harassment and assault in sports, and many are hoping that it will lead to greater awareness and action on the issue.

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