PSG, Real Madrid Transfer Saga: Mbappé's Future Takes a Tumultuous Turn


PSG, Real Madrid Transfer Saga: Mbappé’s Future Takes a Tumultuous Turn

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Promising News for Kylian Mbappé’s Future: FIFA May Part Ways with His Mother and Agent Faiza Lamari

In an intriguing development, it appears that Kylian Mbappé might soon be in need of a new agent. According to reports from Rap Focus, shared by the official Paris Saint-Germain Twitter account, the French striker’s mother, Faiza Lamari, is facing potential expulsion from FIFA’s list of authorized agents.

The reason behind this pending decision is that Faiza Lamari, who recently entered the agent profession, is yet to fully comply with FIFA’s regulations. As a result, she may be required to relinquish her agent responsibilities until at least next May, pending further examinations conducted by FIFA.

This situation leaves Kylian Mbappé, whose future remains uncertain, with the prospect of not having an official agent for the next several months. Whether he continues with PSG, moves to Real Madrid, or explores other options in the upcoming summer transfer window, his representation is currently in a state of flux.

Kylian Mbappé’s future may be influenced by FIFA’s potential decision to sever ties with his mother and agent, Faiza Lamari, due to non-compliance with regulatory requirements. The outcome of this situation is eagerly awaited by fans and football enthusiasts alike.


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