Marc Skinner displeased with qualification rules and referee following PSG's victory over Man Utd.


Marc Skinner displeased with qualification rules and referee following PSG’s victory over Man Utd.

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Manchester United manager Marc Skinner has urged for revisions in the qualification rules and expressed criticism toward the referee following his team’s inability to secure a spot in the Champions League group stage.

In the second leg of their second-round qualifier against Paris St Germain at the Parc des Princes, the Women’s Super League side suffered a 3-1 defeat, resulting in a 4-2 aggregate loss.

Skinner emphasized the challenging nature of the draw for United, suggesting that other clubs might have encountered a less difficult path.

“It’s absurd that we were drawn against PSG in this qualifying round, absolutely absurd,” he stated during a press conference with reporters.

There is a pressing need for addressing this issue. Nevertheless, we will draw lessons from it. We’ll return with greater strength. This experience has given us a glimpse, and we are determined to secure a consistent spot in the Champions League.

Manchester United ignited hope with Lisa Naalsund’s equalizer early in the second half, nullifying Lieke Martens’ initial strike.

However, Martens swiftly responded with her second goal, followed by Sandy Baltimore’s third, securing PSG’s victory.

The disallowed header by Leah Galton, allegedly due to a foul on goalkeeper Katarzyna Kiedrzynek, left Skinner fuming.

“We scored a legitimate goal. It’s absurd. If this is the standard of officiating, it falls short,” Skinner vented on MUTV.

“Our performance demonstrates our superiority, considering the intimidating setting we entered. It showcases our team’s remarkable growth, sending a message to all of Europe. We are progressing towards our desired destination, and no obstacle will impede our path.”

Skinner remains optimistic about his team’s resurgence.

“We must acknowledge our errors and learn from tonight. By doing so, we will continue to evolve and establish an unrivaled presence. We are poised to dominate the European stage.


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