Jamie Carragher Warns Aston Villa's 'Issue' Poses a Threat to Premier League Aspirations


Jamie Carragher Warns Aston Villa’s ‘Issue’ Poses a Threat to Premier League Aspirations

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Jamie Carragher has expressed concerns that Aston Villa’s involvement in the Europa Conference League might jeopardize their chances of securing a top-four spot this season.

Currently occupying fifth place in the Premier League standings, Unai Emery’s team is just one point behind fourth-placed Liverpool. Aston Villa has had an impressive start to the 2023/24 season, particularly with a perfect home record in the Premier League.

Carragher has drawn comparisons between Villa and Newcastle, as the Magpies are experiencing a revival under Eddie Howe. Nonetheless, he anticipates that emulating Newcastle’s top-four finish from the previous season will prove to be a formidable challenge for Villa.

Speaking to Sky Sports via Metro, he stated, “Sometimes, you come across a team that excels in defense but struggles to find the net. On the flip side, there are teams that score frequently but concede just as often.

The top-tier teams are those that can maintain a balance at both ends of the field. However, typically, achieving this requires having top-caliber players, as we’ve seen with Manchester City and Liverpool in recent years. Nevertheless, the fact that Aston Villa is achieving this balance is truly remarkable.

Looking back at the previous season, you can draw parallels with what Newcastle accomplished, securing a spot in the Champions League. Throughout the season, they faced skepticism and were often dismissed as contenders, but in the end, they defied expectations.

Aston Villa faces a challenging path to achieving a Champions League spot, with a key distinction from Newcastle’s success last season being their involvement in European competitions.

Carragher acknowledges that Villa’s participation in the Europa Conference League, given the manager’s strong European track record, is likely to lead them on an impressive journey in that competition. However, the potential issue lies in the demanding schedule, with an abundance of Thursday-Sunday fixtures expected after the holiday season.




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