I Coached Man Utd's Rasmus Hojlund - His Brothers at Copenhagen Have Even More Potential


I Coached Man Utd’s Rasmus Hojlund – His Brothers at Copenhagen Have Even More Potential

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Cristian Mouroux, Rasmus Hojlund’s former coach, elaborates on how his younger siblings possess even greater natural talent than their elder brother.

become a real challenge. The older brother, Rasmus, has achieved remarkable success as a footballer, becoming a £73 million, 20-year-old key player for Manchester United. Meanwhile, his younger twin siblings, Emil and Oscar, are just beginning their own football journeys.

Sharing the Hojlund name and being gifted with even more natural talent than their older sibling, the 18-year-old twins from Copenhagen are poised for an extraordinary ascent into the European football elite.

However, the immediate possibility of all three brothers sharing the same pitch is on the horizon, as Manchester United faces Copenhagen in a historic Champions League encounter, marking the first time in European Cup history.

Cristian Mouroux, the Sporting Director at Horsholm Usserod Idraetsklub, where all three brothers honed their skills during their formative years, had this to say: “The Hojlunds are truly exceptional, and their talents set them apart.

The Hojlund family’s work ethic is unmatched, a quality they all share, instilled by their parents. This drive, passed down from their mum and dad, has been instrumental in Rasmus’s remarkable journey. The family’s commitment to their development and their deep understanding of the requirements to reach the pinnacle of the sport are exceptional.

In Denmark, the Laudrup brothers, Brian and Michael, are celebrated for their remarkable football journey, but the Hojlunds, with three siblings making waves in the football world, are even more astonishing.

Rasmus Hojlund’s career trajectory is nothing short of remarkable. In January 2022, he left Copenhagen for €1.8 million (£1.5 million), having not scored a single league goal in Denmark. Less than two years later, a global football giant regards the 20-year-old as the solution to their ongoing challenges.

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Interestingly, it was Emil and Oscar who garnered more attention during their development on the outskirts of Copenhagen, playing alongside older age groups. Their progress, along with their technical prowess, stood out, contributing to their rapid development and attracting interest from multiple clubs.

The Hojlund family’s success can be attributed to their support network. Their dad, Anders, a former high-level player, built a basement pitch for them to practice during harsh Danish winters. Their mother, Kirsten, a former elite 100-meter sprinter, was the driving force behind the family’s shared passion for football.

Mouroux emphasizes the family’s dedication, knowledge, mindset, and unwavering commitment to propelling the brothers to the top of the football world. The Hojlunds’ presence on the pitch was a constant, reflecting their collective determination to achieve greatness.

Their dedication goes beyond normal training; it extends into the after-hours, and they never cease their pursuit of improvement.

Although the possibility of all three brothers gracing the hallowed Old Trafford turf tonight is highly unlikely, with Rasmus expected to start, Emil and Oscar are on the fringes of the Copenhagen squad, having been promoted this season.

Nonetheless, it’s foreseeable that we’ll witness Hojlund versus Hojlund on the football field for years to come. Those who know the family best believe that it’s nearly certain that they will make their mark in the future.

Cristian Mouroux adds, “With over a decade of experience in talent development, I believe that if any family can propel three players into top European clubs, it will be the Hojlund family. Emil and Oscar are under-19 players, which places them ahead of their time.




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