Harry Maguire Reveals David Beckham's Support and Advice on Dealing with Abuse


Harry Maguire Reveals David Beckham’s Support and Advice on Dealing with Abuse

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Harry Maguire has opened up about how David Beckham reached out to him following England’s victory over Scotland last month, offering advice on dealing with the abuse he’s been facing. Maguire faced relentless jeers from Scotland fans when he appeared as a substitute at Hampden Park. Gareth Southgate labeled the treatment of the Manchester United defender as a “joke” and attributed much of the abuse to social media.

Despite the adversity, Maguire has found strength in the support from his family and Southgate. He drew inspiration from a recent Netflix documentary series about David Beckham. Beckham, who captained England, faced harsh criticism after being sent off in a match against Argentina at the 1998 World Cup. In the documentary, Beckham revealed the toll that the abuse from fans and the media took on his mental health.

Maguire spoke highly of Beckham and highlighted their conversation about dealing with adversity. He expressed gratitude for Beckham’s outreach and the reminder of the significant moments in his career. Beckham’s experiences and resilience in the face of adversity have provided Maguire with valuable perspective.

Maguire, who remains part of the England squad despite challenges at Manchester United, acknowledges that every career experiences ups and downs, particularly in a leadership role. He learned from Beckham’s experiences and challenges, as revealed in the documentary.

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To cope with the abuse he has faced, Maguire has tried to distance himself from it and stay focused on his performance. He emphasized the importance of drawing strength from past experiences and focusing on the positive aspects of his career. Maguire is a potential starter in England’s friendly match against Australia.

Injuries in the defensive line saw Maguire take the field for Manchester United, where he provided an assist for Scott McTominay’s stoppage-time winner in a crucial victory over Brentford last weekend.





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