Gareth Southgate: How Euro 2020 Pain Shaped a Better Managerial Journey


Gareth Southgate: How Euro 2020 Pain Shaped a Better Managerial Journey

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Gareth Southgate’s Managerial Evolution: Learning from Euro 2020 Heartbreak and Leading England’s Charge to European Championship Finals

As England gears up for the European Championship finals next summer, Gareth Southgate reflects on his journey as a manager, emphasizing the transformative impact of the Euro 2020 loss against Italy. Since that defeat, Southgate believes he has grown, becoming a better manager, and guiding England to the brink of qualification with two matches to spare.

A potential win against Italy would secure England’s place in Germany, marking a significant milestone. Despite facing a new Italy counterpart, Luciano Spalletti, following Roberto Mancini’s resignation, Southgate draws strength from his experience, becoming the first England men’s manager since Sir Alf Ramsey to reach a major final.

In a career spanning 89 matches since taking charge in 2016, Southgate acknowledges the constant evolution, stating, “You make decisions with the information you have at a given time. It’s played out in front of everybody, and nobody really knows the answer.”

Southgate underlines England’s progress both on and off the pitch over the past seven years, highlighting the confidence gained from consistent performances. Despite challenges, Southgate remains steadfast in his choices, including supporting midfielder Jordan Henderson despite fan criticism.

Addressing the booing incident, Southgate reaffirms his trust in his players, saying, “I select the players I think are the best for the team. We would love all the fans behind us. We have more energy if they’re with us. And the team will go further if they’re with us. But if not, we’ll crack on and keep trying to win.”

As England faces new challenges, Southgate’s resilience and dedication stand as a testament to his managerial prowess, showcasing the continuous growth that shapes the team’s pursuit of success.”


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