Football's return home! UK & Republic of Ireland poised to win Euro 2028 hosting rights after Turkey withdraws bid.


Football’s return home! UK & Republic of Ireland poised to win Euro 2028 hosting rights after Turkey withdraws bid.

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In a surprising turn of events, it appears that the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland are poised to become the hosts of Euro 2028 after the Turkish Football Association officially withdrew its bid to hold the tournament.

Sole Bidders for Euro 2028 With Turkey stepping aside, the UK and Ireland are now the exclusive candidates to host Euro 2028, creating a unique opportunity for these two nations to showcase their footballing prowess.

A Long-Awaited Return for the UK This development marks a significant milestone, as the United Kingdom hasn’t had the privilege of hosting a major football tournament since the memorable 1996 European Championship.

Reason for Withdrawal The Turkish Football Association decided to withdraw its bid for Euro 2028 to focus on their joint proposal with Italy to co-host the tournament in 2032. UEFA has given its official nod to this collaborative endeavor, which was initially unveiled in July.

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The Larger Picture Turkey’s withdrawal from the 2028 bidding process means that the UK and Republic of Ireland’s bid now stands unchallenged. Notably, Wembley Stadium played host to the semi-finals and final of the postponed 2020 European Championship.

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Approval Pending Both the UK and Republic of Ireland bids will require formal approval, pending a meeting of UEFA’s executive committee scheduled for Tuesday. In an official statement, UEFA stated, “The presentations during that meeting will play a pivotal role in the decision-making process, considering the merits of the bid submissions before reaching a verdict.

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What Lies Ahead for the UK & Ireland Bid? If granted approval, Euro 2028 will find its home in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The proposal includes ten proposed stadiums, such as iconic venues like Wembley Stadium, Hampden Park, and the Aviva Stadium in Dublin. Additionally, the proposal features upcoming stadiums like the Bramley Moore Dock stadium in Liverpool and Casement Park in Belfast, making it an exciting prospect for football fans across the region.


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