DAZN Aiming for Prime Video Premier League Rights


DAZN Aiming for Prime Video Premier League Rights

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DAZN is reportedly eyeing Prime Video’s current Premier League broadcast rights package, deeming it more accessible than those held by Sky Sports and TNT Sports, as reported by The Daily Mail. Prime Video had previously paid approximately £90 million for 60 live matches in the last cycle, rolled over due to the pandemic.

As the number of available games for domestic broadcasters is set to increase by about 60, there are expectations of expanding the package to include Sunday games from Europa League teams and additional midweek gameweeks. This potential expansion could lead to a price hike, with The Daily Mail speculating it could reach £300 million per year, a figure Prime Video might be hesitant to pay.

DAZN’s CFO, Darren Waterman, discussed the UK strategy, expressing the belief that they can enter any market and build the DAZN business. While the UK is crucial, it is not existential for them, but they aim to find a good way to sustain growth.

Regarding significant rights like the Premier League, he emphasized, “You need these big rights to initiate momentum and attract customers. It’s our investment to expand the customer base and establish the brand. Marquee domestic sports, those that resonate with most people, are crucial. Once secured, opportunities arise to diversify and include more sports with growth potential and audience appeal.”

Furthermore, earlier this year, DAZN CEO Shay Segev told The Times, “Football is evidently massive in the UK, and the EPL is an option on our menu. If the question is whether we have ambition to enter this market, the answer is undoubtedly yes. It’s not just ambition; it’s a high priority on my list.




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