Analyzing FC Cincinnati's concluding MLS salary figures for 2023


Analyzing FC Cincinnati’s concluding MLS salary figures for 2023

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The Major League Soccer Players’ Association (MLSPA) has disclosed the recent salary details for FC Cincinnati, shedding light on the club’s player compensations for the year 2023.

In the most recent salary report, FC Cincinnati was seen to have welcomed Aaron Boupendza as a new addition with a significant seven-figure salary, while also incorporating several players from the club’s academy and FC Cincinnati “2” reserve teams into its expenditure structure this season.

The earlier release in May provided insights into the salaries of newly acquired MLS players during the offseason, as well as those who signed contract extensions or entered into new agreements. While the second data drop reveals some noteworthy changes, the dynamic nature of player transactions and signings throughout the year remains a key point of interest.

One significant shift involved the departure of Brenner Souza da Silva, the club’s second-highest earner with a base salary of $1,680,000 and total compensation of $2,218,600, following his move to Italy’s Serie A during the summer.

The introduction of Aaron Boupendza, with a $720,000 base salary and a total compensation of $1,127,600, contributed to maintaining the club’s roster of million-dollar earners at six, subsequent to Brenner’s exit.

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Moreover, the contract extension for Luciano Acosta, announced after the latest data release, marked a rise in his total compensation to $2,222,854, although his base salary remained unchanged for the time being. FC Cincinnati General Manager Chris Albright indicated the likelihood of Acosta receiving a salary raise, hinting at the player’s notable contributions throughout the season.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that the disclosed figures by the MLSPA do not encapsulate the entirety of FC Cincinnati’s financial operations, including the intricacies of managing the league’s salary cap, the utilization of general allocation money (GAM) and targeted allocation money (TAM), and other financial elements like transfer fees and agents’ commissions.

In line with past practices, the MLSPA report includes players’ current annualized base salary, along with their annual average guaranteed compensation, which encompasses the base salary and all signing and guaranteed bonuses, projected over the course of the player’s contract, including option years.

The freshest revelation in the MLS salary landscape brings no surprises when it comes to the top earner. The recently disclosed salary details encompassed the entirety of MLS, with the renowned Lionel Messi seizing much of the spotlight. His record-breaking guaranteed compensation of $20,446,667, earned in just half a season with Inter Miami CF, captured the nation’s attention, underscoring the immense value he brings to the league.

Another noteworthy name making waves is Teemu Pukki, the former Norwich City star who recently joined Minnesota United FC midseason, securing a solid place in the top 10 list of the league’s highest earners with his $3.55 million deal.

For FC Cincinnati, the list of player salaries appears as follows, with changes and additions highlighted in bold:

Luciano Acosta: $1,943,500; $2,222,854 Matt Miazga: $1,500,000; $1,500,000 Obinna Nwobodo: $1,555,000; $1,289,400 Yuya Kubo: $1,091,000; $1,206,750 Aaron Boupendza: $720,000; $1,127,600 Brandon Vazquez: $900,000; $1,041,000 Sergio Santos: $700,000; $814,375 Yerson Mosquera (on-loan from Wolverhampton Wanderers FC): $600,000; $650,000 Santiago Arias: $550,000; $611,354 Dominique Badji: $550,00; $605,000 Junior Moreno: $349,992; $398,741 Alvaro Barreal: $300,000; $519,297 Ray Gaddis: $300,000; $300,000 Marco Angulo: $275,000; $323,000 Alec Kann: $200,000; $220,833 Alvas Powell: $190,000; $207,000 Nick Hagglund: $175,000; $188,521 Roman Celentano (Generation Adidas): $100,000; $149,000 Bret Halsey: $85,444; $94,194 Evan Louro: $88,200; $88,200 Isaiah Foster: $85,444; $89,823 Arquimides Ordonez: $85,444; $88,981 Harrison Robledo (on loan at Indy Eleven): $85,444; $106,336 Ian Murphy: $72,050; $74,300 Joey Akpunonu (Generation Adidas): $67,360; $69,860 Gerardo Valenzuela: $67,360; $84,902 Paul Walters: $67,360; $75,327 London Aghedo: $67,360, $67,360 Stiven Jiminez: $67,360; $67,360 Malik Pinto: $67,360; $67,360

This list represents the current salary framework for FC Cincinnati’s players, revealing the dynamic nature of player compensation within the league.


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