A-League Contemplates Scrapping Controversial Sydney Grand Finals Deal


A-League Contemplates Scrapping Controversial Sydney Grand Finals Deal

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The Australian Professional Leagues (APL) are reportedly considering scrapping a contentious $12 million deal that guarantees Sydney hosts the A-League grand finals. The deal, signed with Destination NSW in December, has drawn intense backlash from fans, players, and clubs, prompting football bosses to rethink their strategy.

Former Australian football great Mark Bosnich has weighed in on the matter, asserting that the league should prioritize its fans and their sentiments. He emphasized the importance of consultation with fans before making such critical decisions in the sport.

Bosnich’s perspective resonates with many fans who believe that the A-League’s decision to bypass consultation with its dedicated supporters was a significant misstep. The fallout from the decision led to the boycotting of some high-profile matches, illustrating the fans’ discontent.

Traditionally, the A-League has followed a model where the team with the highest finish in the tournament earns the right to host the grand final. This approach differs from the NRL and AFL, which hold their grand finals in Sydney and Melbourne, respectively. However, the A-League’s decision to guarantee Sydney as the grand final host caused outrage among fans, given the limited representation of teams from New South Wales in the competition.

In contrast, the NRL has nine of its 17 teams based in New South Wales, while the AFL has 10 of its 18 teams in Victoria. New South Wales houses five of the A-League’s 12 teams, making the decision to centralize grand finals in Sydney less appealing to fans and other stakeholders.


The A-League’s consideration to rescind the controversial deal with Destination NSW comes as a response to fan and club pressures. The decision to prioritize fan sentiment over a contractual agreement highlights the league’s commitment to acknowledging its mistakes and making necessary corrections.

Mark Bosnich commended the A-League’s willingness to reassess the deal and lauded their acknowledgment of the error. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong connection between football and its fanbase, underlining the notion that “fans can do without football, but football cannot do without its fans.”

While the decision to scrap the deal is yet to be ratified officially, Bosnich’s remarks reflect the sentiments of those who believe that consultation with fans should be a fundamental aspect of decision-making in football. The A-League’s ability to admit to its mistake and consider alternative options, such as a Magic Round-style event in Sydney, demonstrates a commitment to nurturing a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with its supporters.

In the dynamic world of sports, where fans’ passion fuels the industry, maintaining a close connection with the fanbase is paramount. The A-League’s response to the concerns of its fans underscores the importance of keeping the heartbeat of the sport alive and thriving.


As the APL navigates this critical juncture in the A-League’s future, the decision will undoubtedly shape the league’s relationship with its fans and the overall direction of Australian football. While the debate continues, one thing remains clear: football’s greatest strength lies in its unwavering connection with those who cherish the sport most – the fans.

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