Launching a Streaming Service for Independent Snowboard Movies A Promising Venture or a Potential Flop


Launching a Streaming Service for Independent Snowboard Movies: A Promising Venture or a Potential Flop?

Snowboard movies are an essential part of snowboarding culture, and they are highly valued by its passionate fan base. Recently, a new company called Airtime has emerged with the mission to promote an independent movie streaming service catering to this dedicated audience. According to their mission statement, Airtime is a streaming service that provides access to compelling independent ski and snowboard content. The goal of Airtime is to create a single platform to access independent outdoor films, which are the heart and soul of the industry. Airtime aims to provide financial compensation and a platform for film crews and athletes who are creating action sports content.

In summary, Airtime is a new company that aims to promote independent ski and snowboard content through a streaming service. They believe that independent outdoor films are the heart and soul of the industry and want to provide a platform for film crews and athletes to showcase their work while also providing financial compensation. This new venture has the potential to be a promising addition to the snowboarding culture, and it will be interesting to see how it develops in the future.

Airtime is a platform that aims to change the way the skiing and snowboarding industries operate by creating a dedicated platform for films that directs dollars back to the athletes and creators who deserve greater opportunities for compensation[1]. However, the operational details, pricing structure, and its ability to deliver captivating content beyond amateur productions remain unclear.

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