Salem's Skateboarding Championships Attracts Elite Competition


Salem’s Skateboarding Championships Attracts Elite Competition

Salem, Oregon Hosts World Slalom Skateboarding Championships at Bush’s Pasture Park

SALEM, Ore. (KPTV) – Bush’s Pasture Park in Salem is gearing up to host the World Slalom Skateboarding Championships, commencing this Friday.

Juanita Savoy-Nash, a Salem resident, expressed her enthusiasm for attending the upcoming skateboarding races. Her granddaughters have been involved in slalom skateboarding for several years now.

“(They) started this when they were just two years old,” Savoy-Nash shared. “They would zip through the house on skateboards, and their parents didn’t mind. It was something entirely new to me.”

This event has drawn participants from 14 different countries to Bush’s Pasture Park.

“They engage in various activities,” remarked Savoy-Nash. “Skateboarding is just one of them, but it’s truly fascinating. It adds excitement to an otherwise ordinary day.”

Among the talented skaters competing this weekend is Orion Lehrmann from San Diego. Since his introduction to such events in 2019, he has been striving to ascend the ranks.

“My ultimate goal is to become a world champion someday,” Lehrmann declared. “If not today, I’m determined to make it happen in the future.”

Skaters who achieve top times in this competition secure a spot in the World Skate Games. Given that this competition recognizes slalom skateboarding, Lehrmann envisions a future where it might become an Olympic sport.

“It’s unquestionably on the rise right now,” he affirmed. “People are enthusiastic about it, and there’s a concerted effort to promote the sport.”

Savoy-Nash intends to continue enjoying the skills displayed by these skateboarders throughout the weekend.

“I’m fascinated by their board positioning, their arm movements, and their body language,” she observed. “It’s truly remarkable to watch them in action.”

The races will take place at the soapbox derby course in Bush’s Pasture Park on both Saturday and Sunday.


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