Has Alex Gumm been found or is he still missing Is he alive or has he vanished


Has Alex Gumm been found or is he still missing? Is he alive or has he vanished?

In February 2018, 24-year-old musician Alex Gumm embarked on a spiritual journey to Kauai, Hawaii, where he lost contact with people, raising concerns. Friends speculated he sought sanctuary while exploring his religious and spiritual path. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Disappeared: Lost in Paradise’ delves into his disappearance, interviewing family members for insights.

THE MYSTERY OF ALEX GUMM: Born on June 27, 1993, to Sally McLaren and Ben Gumm, Alexander “Alex” McLaren Gumm grew up in North Berwick, Maine, before relocating to New Hampshire in the White Mountains. As a child, he dabbled in skateboarding and graffiti art, immersing himself in graffiti books for hours.

Later, Alex shifted his focus to music, mastering the piano, drums, and guitar. He composed songs and performed with local bands, gaining recognition as a talented musician. He ventured to Los Angeles, adopting the alias Albert Johnsun, aspiring to become a professional artist.

In Los Angeles, he had a job, a girlfriend, and was part of multiple music groups. However, his behavior became erratic as he yearned for something deeper. He believed he was a descendant of Lemurian aliens and that music could transport him to another world. In 2015, he embarked on a spiritual journey, exploring various religions and adopting a strict vegan lifestyle.

Returning to his hometown in 2017, he isolated himself, meditating in a secluded part of his parents’ Victorian mansion, later working as a food truck driver and taking a vow of silence. On February 20, 2018, he informed his parents of his intent to move to Kauai, Hawaii, to spend time with others and explore his spirituality.

The day before leaving, he dramatically changed his appearance with a buzz cut. His parents picked him up and dropped him at a bus depot in Dover, New Hampshire. From there, he journeyed to Kauai, checking into the Kauai Beach House hostel on Kuhio Highway. His last known contact was at the hostel on February 24. Concerned about his lack of communication and financial activity, his parents reported him missing to the Kauai Police Department.

THE SEARCH FOR ALEX GUMM: His sudden disappearance was marked by his phone going to voicemail and then silence. His parents discovered his last transaction was for a room at the Kauai Beach House hostel. A hostel guest posted his photo on Facebook, drawing attention to his disappearance, prompting his parents to contact the Kauai police.

The Facebook post went viral, gaining media coverage from the New York Post and the UK’s Daily Mail. Private investigator Toomas Fujiuchi joined the search. Alex’s internet search history hinted at plans to live off-grid. He was reportedly sighted in various locations, including a homeless camp in Salt Pond, Eleele, where he declined seafood chowder, emphasizing his plant-based diet.

Another potential sighting occurred near Polihale State Park in August 2018. In spring 2019, he was allegedly seen shopping for camping gear at Kauai Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Despite these sightings, friends and family believed his actions stemmed from personal choice rather than foul play.

CONTACT FOR ASSISTANCE: To report any information about Alex Gumm’s whereabouts, contact Ben Gumm and Sally McLaren at or Ian Davis at The mystery of Alex Gumm’s journey continues, leaving loved ones eager to know if he is still alive, driven by his own choices.





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